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The internet’s leading podcast on realistic self-defence, martial arts, and the management of violence. Joe Saunders is a leading experts in occupational violence and verbal de-escalation, as well as a lifelong martial artist. On this show, Joe interviews the world’s leading experts in the management of violence and also provides his own take on how we can keep our families and communities safe.

The Managing Violence Podcast is dedicated to the study of three core elements of the violence:

Hoplology: The study of human combative behaviour and performance (includes martial arts, self-defence, combatives, war)

Psychology: The study of mind and behaviour (in particular, evolutionary, social and developmental psychology)

Criminology: The study of crime and deviant behaviour

We draw inspiration from the warrior scholars of the past as we interview and learn from the warrior scholars of our present, to inspire and inform the warrior scholars of our future.

March 31, 2021

MVP83: Asphalt Anthropology with Beverly Baker

Asphalt Anthropology was developed by urban explorer and self-defense instructor, Beverly Baker. The goal of Asphalt is to provide skills and counter fear so that people can navigate dense, public spaces with more freedom, joy and boldness.
A student and observer of violence dynamics, Beverly began her education as a girl with wanderlust undeterred by tales of the boogeyman. She has dodged peril and outwitted threats on the streets of major American cities, Europe, the former Eastern Bloc and Southern Africa. She has developed and taught personal safety courses for LAPD's Community Police Academy, corporations, LA's Skid Row, women’s shelters, colleges/universities, public school districts and the general public for over 20 years.
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